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“What was your latest ‘Preneur™?”

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We ship orders only to mailing addresses in the continental US states at this time.

Styles available at this time are (for both Male and Female shirt styles): “I AM A SAN DIEGO ENTREPRENEUR” and “I Heart SAN DIEGO ENTREPRENEURS”.

Our “Your Latest ‘Preneur™” Shirts will be released soon!

Represent Entrepreneurship: Get it delivered to you now for $15.00 plus $5 for tax, shipping to mailing addresses in the US states, and handling charges.




Men’s and Women’s (women’s medium is closer to a size small) sizes available are M, L, XL and XXL at this time. (click on the photo to get a better view)

Our shirts are considered top quality urban-type, stylish T-shirts.

“Your Latest ‘Preneur™?”  

Stay tuned as our “Your Latest ‘Preneur™” Shirts will be released soon!

These shirts make a statement.  They will definitely attract some questions similar to the Facebook movie in which a Stanford Coed asks, “What do you do?” and Sean Parker explains, “I’m an Entrepreneur” and the Coed replies to Parker, “What was your latest ‘Preneur?”…”I founded Napster…”, say’s Parker.  With these shirts, tell people what startup you found/created from a dream, as an Entrepreneur.

Thank you! Purchasing our products helps us contribute monies into the “Robin Hood Fund” which will be awarded/invested in select San Diego based entrepreneurial startups and small businesses.

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ITEM:  Men’s or Women’s Black T-Shirt: “I AM A SAN DIEGO ENTREPRENEUR”

Price: $15.00 ea. and add $5.00 for tax, shipping and handling

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ITEM: Men’s or Women’s Black T-Shirt: “I Heart SAN DIEGO ENTREPRENEURS”

Price: $15.00 ea. and add $5.00 for tax, shipping and handling

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