We are excited to announce our Startup Entrepreneur Publicity and Marketing Services offered in bundled packages for drafting press releases, distributing to our media lists for media coverage, social media releases, media training and onsite support and more.

These services are ideal for Entrepreneurs, Startups and Small Businesses for the following:

1) Attracting customers and generating sales

2) Launching a Kickstarter, IndieGogo or other crowdfunding campaign for your new product idea, service, event or general idea

3) Attracting angel investors or seed capital

4) General media training and marketing to get the word out about your business and products and services

5) Brand assessment and audit or requesting a new logo or graphic design

6) Market research

7) Getting your initial email marketing and newsletter campaign launched or updated

8) Video and Photography development and production

9) Requesting to have a web site developed or existing web site updated

10) Getting your company on TV, Print, Radio and/or online articles

11) Getting a reporter to do a story about your company

12) General public relations and marketing consulting

For more information please email us at info@SDEntrepreneurCenter.com


Are you taking your existing business to the next level? – A growth company with existing annual revenues of over $500,000.00 may wish to hire our network of consultants with specific domain expertise. Our consultant’s rates typically range from $95 to $150/hr or more, or a retainer fee of $2,500 to $5,000 per month.  These domain experts may include: Web Designers/Developers, Graphic Artists, Bookkeepers, Social Media, Public Relations, Marketing, Business Development, Sales, Product Design, Branding, Promotions, etc.  The SDEC offers a referral directory to these domain experts. The SDEC is not responsible for the domain expert’s work. Compensation and considerations are determined and agreed to by you and the domain expert, as an independent contractor/vendor relationship, and not with the SDEC. If you wish to become part of our referral network of domain experts, please contact us at info@sdentrepreneurcenter.com