About Us-

We believe the evolution of a startup, begins with the Entrepreneur™.  In “America’s Most Entrepreneurial City™”, the San Diego Regional Entrepreneur Center™ (SDEC) is by and for Founders-Entrepreneurs seeking collaboration, partnerships, mentorship, startup company or business plan review and business development ideas, marketing, investor guidance, introduction and venture pitch presentation training, business validation & traction, forensic financial and business assessment, financial analysis, licensing opportunities and more, potentially, in real-life business case scenarios.

The SDEC is in a great position to be in the epicenter of all activities related to Startups, Entrepreneurs and Businesses on the move in San Diego.

Coworking is a platform that is easily accessible and useful for very early stage concept founders-entrepreneurs, small businesses, or startup with little to no sales revenue.  Entrepreneurs require immediate access to resources and a network of talent. Companies/businesses may leverage the SDEC to seek out additional series of funding sources, or to minimize operating expenses until they are ready to commit to long term office lease options while benefiting from the “energy” of coworking.

The SDEC proactively supports a variety of vertical markets/industries–consumer products, food/beverage, restaurants/bars, real estate, education, construction, architecture, manufacturing, automotive, energy, green/eco, B2B & B2C services, sports & lifestyle, technology-software/hardware, online & mobile apps, non-profits & charities, health-medical, & apparel, fashion & design, music & entertainment, travel & hotel, photo/digital/print media, aerospace, military, government & legal services.

Our SDEC community was built for people with great ideas, who have or are looking to take their ideas to market by benefiting from “Collaboration.”  Today, close to 100 Founders and Entrepreneurs are building their businesses in our own innovation business technology resource center.

Originally, the SDEC was incorporated into multiple locations in San Diego county, such as downtown San Diego in the trendy warehouse-urban-loft style of the East Village District and adjacent to Petco Park, Convention Center, SD Trolley, Horton Plaza, Market St.

Today, the SDEC is located in Pacific Beach at VentureBeach Cowork.