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Team Modeling

Team Modeling-   Team Modeling is not a fashion show with groups of teams on a runway.  The approach is to understand the importance of the development of a team and working as a team. As an Entrepreneur, unless you’re Read More →
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Innovation & Reinvention

Innovation & Reinvention-   A person explained that Innovation was the result of NOT being normal.  It sounds true, as innovation in some ways is the result of not being satisfied with the status quo. Entrepreneurs are innovators, if your Read More →
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Applications & Validation

Applications & Validation-   At the SDEC, Entrepreneurs have the ability to share their development tools in a CoLab™ environment by establishing an innovative “Early Adopters Community”. Don’t get stuck in the lab or bedroom trying to come up with the Read More →

Business Life Cycles

Business Life Cycles   Entrepreneurs may experience seven business life cycles, where typically there are five. For the Entrepreneur: Seed Capital Startup Growth Established (the calm before the storm) Expansion Maturity (to Decline) Exit     Read More →

Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Partnerships-   Corporations cultivate strategic partnerships as part of their global business strategy.  This cooperative strategy forms corporate alliances, even with former competitors. For startups, strategic partnerships can evolve very early, even before revenues are generated.  However, it would Read More →
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Internship & Development

Internship & Development-   What a great way to intern and attain practical experience related to all facets of a business, and work where all the energy and action is.  Interns can easily cultivate business contacts from a variety of Read More →

Mentor Search & Match

Mentor Search & Match-   Ever sat in a meeting where a perspective mentor talks about how much experience they have because they helped launched a franchise chain in Europe during the 80’s, and was part of their team that Read More →

Capital Assessment

Capital Assessment-   As a startup, you can probably do more with less cash, right?  Or, compared to having a lot of cash and not using it appropriately, which would you prefer. Scenario:  A new business owner was happy to Read More →

Leadership Guidance

Leadership Guidance-   Leadership is earned and not given.  Great leaders are their worst critics, as they are constantly reflecting on how they can become better leaders. Many of businesses failed, not because of the lack of customers but because Read More →

Business Execution Analysis

Business Execution Analysis-   Quantifiable executables are important to list, monitor, gauge and maintain.  It all relates to your company’s financial being, gross revenues, profits, use of cash and cash flow. As a startup every month, week, day and hour Read More →
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